about us

About us

Vacation and travel to beautiful beaches

We invite you to experience a unforgettable vacation in the middle of the fantastic, exotic nature of Costa Rica. We offer you relaxation on the Pacific sandy beach Playa Buena Vista which is only a few feet away from our hotel, in our restaurant you can try national and international dishes or drink a cocktail at the bar, enjoy yourself in our pool and use the possibility to get to know interesting people. You will enjoy the bright side of life in the nature paradise Paraiso del Cocodrilo in the province of Guanacaste.

Relax and enjoy

With pleasure we think back of 1993 when we arrived in Costa Rica, Guanacaste and started to build the hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo. At that time we were in the middle of the wilderness and we were glad when a car occured to us once a week. Nobody spend his vacation on the beach of Buena Vista yet and there were discovered by few tourists in Sámara. There were hardly developed streets and we made our grocery shopping partially by horse. Today we have built up an extraordinary hotel in a nature reserve. Everything is still peaceful and pleasant and we hope that it remains that way, to the pleasure of our guests and also for ourselves.