Costa Rica, Natural paradise in Central America

Tips for eco tourists

For individual and eco tourists Costa Rica developped in the last few years to the most famous natural paradise for travelling. With the active vulcanos, rain and cloud forests and nature parks there are a lot of nature attractions. In addition to that its unique flora and fauna. It is estimated that there are approximately 1500 to 2000 animal species and even just many plant species in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has also high mountains and the highest mountain is the Chirripó Grande with 3920 metres.

Costa Rica is located in Central America in the midst of the tropics and bordered in the north by Nicaragua and Panama in the south. The eastern Costa Rica is bordered by the Caribbean and the west by the Pacific Ocean. The seven provinces of Costa Rica have developped very different.
Persons who love Reggea music and Rasta are in good hands at the Carribean. Especially the area between Puerto Viejo and the border to Panama is recommended. In Tortuguero, which you can reach only by plane or boat, you could see turtles. At the Pacific, there are also several turtle projects, one at Playa Buena Vista, near the nature tourism hotel Sámara Paraiso del COCODRILO, which is very well leaded by the ASVO (Asociación de Voluntarios para el Servicio en las Areas Protegida). Others are at Playa Grande, Ostional, and also in the south. In the South of the Pacific prevails subtropical climate and lush vegetation.

The largest holiday povince by a mile is Guanacaste, which is expressed in many different ways. In the north, on the Papagayo, are the luxury hotels of Steffi Graf, the sheiks, Paris Hilton and other celebrities. More in the south, on the peninsula of Nicoya, between Montezuma and Nosara is still original and the individual tourist could find many animal and plant species. In addition to that, there are some pristine, sandy beaches along the approximately 1000 km long Pacific coast.

More information about the natural paradise Costa Rica can be found on this website. If you are also interested in the province of Guanacaste you could get some news, information about holidays and vacations and cultural and environmental news at the website of Costa Rica, Guanacaste. The art does also not come off bad - with interesting pictures and even an event calendar. Actual information, area of Sámara, you could find on a travel-website. There are also reports of the current weather and the level of the local rivers.


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