Costa Rica Trends 2023

Costa Rica Trends 2023 – Natural Paradise in Central America

Also for this year our Costa Rica Tips 2022, because for individual vacationers and ecotourists Costa Rica has developed in the last years to the nature paradise number 1. With its active volcanoes, rain and cloud forests and nature parks, it offers many natural attractions.

Costa Rica Trends 2023 – There is also a unique flora and fauna. It is estimated that there are about 1500 to 2000 animal species in Costa Rica. And again as many plant species. But not only flora and fauna impress. Also the highest mountain Chirripó Grande with 3920 m is considered the highest mountain in the Central American country. It impresses with its beauty. Our Costa Rica Tips 2022

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Costa Rica is located in Central America in the middle of the tropics, bordering Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. The Caribbean Sea borders the east of Costa Rica, the Pacific Ocean the west.

Costa Rica Trends 2023 : the seven provinces of Costa Rica have developed very differently. If you love reggae music and Rasta, the Caribbean is a good place to be. Especially the area between Puerto Viejo and the border to Panama is recommended in this respect. In Tortuguero, a place that can only be reached by plane or boat, there are turtles to see.

On the Pacific coast there are several turtle projects. One at Playa Buena Vista, about 10 minutes walk from the nature tourism hotel Sámara, blue zone lodge. This project is very professionally managed by ASVO (Asociación de Voluntarios para el Servicio en las Areas Protegida). Others are located at Playa Grande, Ostional and in the south of the country.

Costa Rica Trend 2023 – Eco Tourism

Costa Rica Trend 2023 – Costa Rica is one of the pioneers of ecotourism in the world. Located at one of the narrowest points in Central America, surrounded by two oceans, it offers a great diversity of flora, fauna and breathtaking landscapes. This makes the country one of the main destinations for nature lovers who like tropical climate.

Biodiversity Costa Rica

At the same time, Costa Rica represents a bridge of biodiversity between the north and the south of the American continent, thanks to its geographical location, climatic characteristics and efforts to designate more and more new protected areas.

On only 0.03 percent of the earth’s land area, Costa Rica has about five percent of the planet’s biodiversity. A good half of the country’s surface is covered by tropical forests. Costa Rica is home to 52 species of hummingbirds, for example. It is home to about ten percent of all butterfly species, an estimated 20,000 spider species and a record number of bat species.

The plant world is similarly diverse, with twelve vegetation zones, including more than a thousand species of orchids. Thus, the country is not only interesting for species researchers and other scientists, it also has everything a successful ecotourism needs. The biodiversity is „packed“ into a spectacular landscape, which, in addition to the rainforest, also boasts active volcanoes, alpine regions and a rich underwater world.

Twenty-seven percent of Costa Rica’s surface area is protected, with the 26 national parks accounting for just under half of this total. In addition, there are about 140 other protected areas such as biological reserves and nature reserves. The government is doing a lot to maintain and preserve this treasure. Since the early 1970s, there has been a national park administration, from which the „Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación“ (Sinac) emerged in 1994 as the responsible protected area authority. Three of the country’s protected areas are Unesco World Heritage Sites: the Isla del Coco and La Amistad national parks and the Guanacaste nature reserve on the Pacific coast.

Ecotourism Development

Costa Rica’s greatest asset is nature, and tourism is its most important industry. The beginnings of ecotourism date back to the Forest Protection Law enacted in 1969 and the establishment of the first national parks. Initially, the parks still lacked financial resources and personnel to effectively protect the areas from poachers and new settlers. The establishment of a broad network of local businesses, state and indigenous and international organizations eventually led to the success of ecotourism.

In addition, there are favorable political conditions. Costa Rica has been a stable democracy since the 1950s. Thanks to the abolition of the army in 1948, it was possible to invest in social progress, health and education at an early stage. In the face of armed conflicts in neighboring countries, Costa Rica declared its „permanent and active unarmed neutrality“ in 1983 and is therefore also known as the Switzerland of Central America.

Ecotourism Actions Today – Costa Rica Trends 2023

In addition to tropical jungle with screaming hordes of monkeys and colorful parrots raging through the treetops, as well as fascinating volcanic landscapes in the Cordilleras, the programs of the organizers include guided canoe tours into the mangrove forests and equally guided night excursions to the turtle beaches. Many guests are also active in environmental protection projects of various organizations.

Where necessary, outdoor activities are limited to a certain number of participants. Hotels are required to operate sustainably and to involve guests in the overall ecological concept. The CST sustainability certificate is available for hotel operations. Around two million tourists a year spend over two billion dollars visiting Costa Rica’s rainforests and other ecological destinations.

Costa Rica Trends 2023 / 2022

Latest news and opinion
The new president Rodrigo Chaves, elected on May 8th, is probably a stroke of luck for Costa Rica.

First, he abolished the mask requirement, then the vaccination requirement. Of course, everyone who wants to can wear a mask and be vaccinated as often as he wants. A new TÜV ,at half price was introduced and the price of gasoline was lowered. The people are happy and want this and made support demonstrations.
The old corrupt institutions and the mainstream press was not very pleased and fires against it.


Costa Rica Trends 2023 – Eco Lodge Samara

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