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A few days ago the municipality of Nicoya collected the garbage on the beach of Samara Buenavista with a big garbage truck.

A lot of garbage had already accumulated on the beach of Buenavista. This includes the environmental project „Protection of the sea turtles“. It has now been taken away, as well as the garbage from some hotels and the inhabitants of Buenavista. 

The municipality has announced that the garbage will now be collected regularly once a month. All residents are happy that the garbage has now gone. 

the garbage will now be collected regularly once a month.
municipality of Nicoya collected the garbage on the beach of Samara Buena Vista

But nobody really wants to know where it is going.  

So far, in Costa Rica there very few recycling plants for garbage, but there are many garbage dumps. This is nothing unusual. 

Even in Europe you can observe how the garbage is neatly separated and then, when the big car arrives, everything is dumped together again.

If necessary the garbage is sold to the Africans and they dump it into the sea. In this way we may have the garbage back in our stomachs in the form of microplastic.

Some countries of the third world refuse to accept the garbage and say: „Keep your garbage yourself“. Malaysia in particular has had enough now, as many of the foreign garbage deliveries are illegally dumped here. This reduces the amount of garbage in Germany, for example, and is recorded as recycled in statistics, which is completely wrong.

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garbage recycling: We are getting fucked!

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