Organic Specials 2023

Organic specials 2023 all Veggi friendly!

We place great emphasis on fresh, organic and local products.
Our Organic Specials enjoy great popularity. Start your day with a fresh smoothie or a variety of coffee specials. In the mood for good food? Then choose from our versatile dishes. Whether vegetarian, vegan or meat lover, everyone will find something here. The following menu is only an excerpt from our current menu.

Organic Drinks

Bullet Proof Coffee
MTC coconut oil, organic coffee, cinnamon
Green Smoothie
Spinach, celery, broccoli, lemon, mango
Immune Boost Smoothie
Ginger, lemon, pineapple, carrot
Ginger Shot
Ginger, turmeric, lemon

Organic Specials – Cake and Coffee

Banana Bread
local costa rican banana bread with a organic coffee 

Organic Highlights

Vegan Jungle Burger
Homemade kidney bean burger with plantain, tomato and avocado
Gallo Pinto Guanacasteca
Beans and rice, avocado, cheese and eggs as desired.
Veggi Curry
Various organic vegetables in an exotic curry sauce with rice
with fresh tortillas, plantain and bean paste

What does organic mean?

Organic foods are produced by organic or biological farming. They are also called organic or ecological products.These foods are obtained without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or growth regulators.

In organic agriculture, one uses only fertilizers with a plant or animal background, such as manure or slurry. Pests are controlled with biological means instead of pesticides.

In organic farming, mono-cultures are emphasized. In this way, the natural nutrients of the soil are used optimally, without the soil losing its fertility.

Paraiso Cocodrilo orgnic restaurant near Samara 

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